Officers and Board of Directors, Staff

The Board of Directors is divided into 3 panels which serve staggered three year terms. New Board Members are elected each year at the Annual Membership Meeting. The “new” Board elects Officers at the next meeting of the Board of Directors.


President – Mark Shertzer

Vice President – Mit Kirkland

Secetary – Debi Breedlove

Treasurer – Ben Slingluff

Past President – Bo Thagard

Board of Directors

Ben Armstrong

Debi Breedlove

Miles Coleman

Luke Cooley

James Ivey

Janie Hinson

Megan Jones

Ashley Kidd

Aloma Killingsworth

Mit Kirkland

Jim Martin

Anisa Moore

Carolyn Sealock

Mark Shertzer

Ben Slingluff

Carolyn Smith

Mike Smith

Bo Thagard

Steve Thompson

Vivian Veale

Reafield Vester

Dan Williams


William Holman-Executive Director

Janie Edmondson-Office Manager

Caitlyn Clark – Horticulturist

Carol Hawthorne – Visitors Service Manager

Jim Helms-Groundskeeper

Christy Cox – Weekday Butterfly House Attendant

Sue Golden – Weekend Senior Staff

Mary Guilford – Weekend Senior Staff

Tumila King – Butterfly House Technician

Reese Buchanan – Weekend Gate Attendant

Madison Sweeting – Weekend Gate Attendant

Honorary Board Members

Larry Dykes

Jim Oates

Helen Sue Kemp

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