What’s New


Garden Improvements

Time/Spike. A brass outdoor sculpture made by the noted late artist Jean Woodham, originally from Midland City, AL. She was raised in the Wiregrass Region and became one of the premier female artistic welders of the latter half of the 20th century. There are more than 150 of her works in large outdoor spaces, including The World Bank, General Electric, Flintkote Company, Nynex, GTE, and more. DABG is only the third location in Alabama to publicly display her work.

A second Gardens Aglow storage building was been constructed to store the generous donation of a huge truckload of Christmas decorations from Mr. & Mrs. Monty Reyer of Irvington, AL (near Mobile). This wonderful gift doubles our collection of lights and displays.

A new greenhouse to grow plants for Wings of Wonder and also through the Gardens.

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