Honorarium & Memorial Gifts


The Dothan Area Botanical is pleased to offer you a unique way to celebrate the life of a loved one.  Whether you want to give a gift in honor or memory of friends or relatives, the Botanical Gardens has something beautiful and long-lasting to offer.

One example can be found in the oak trees that line a large portion of our front vista.  These trees have been given to honor and memorialize loved ones and they serve as secure legacies for many people from the Wiregrass.

The gorgeous teak benches located throughout scenic areas of the Garden are another example available for a loved one.

  • The most popular gift is the three inch caliper live oak tree (quercus virginiana).  We place a bronze tree marker at the base of the tree with the verbiage of your choosing.  These trees are planted and carefully maintained by the garden staff and volunteers and are arranged to grow to become a timeless and magnificent shade area.  The oaks make a grand tribute right away and become even more magnificent as they mature.
  • Scattered at picturesque venues throughout the Gardens are English Benches made from teak.  They are classic in design with smooth rounded arms.  A 2″x6″ placard is inscribed and placed across the back of each to give the benefactor’s name to the Garden visitor.  These will be cared for and replaced if ever necessary.
  • Substantial shrubs are also an option for memorials or honorariums.  These plantings are flora, identified as important pieces for this botanical collection.  Some are specimen (only one in the Garden) and others are planned for developed areas. Should you have a specific request, the DABG staff will work to find the exact one that meets your needs.  These established shrubs are marked by a tasteful placard in front of the plant.

All gifts are recognized, like every memorial or honorarium is, with a card to the donor and to the family of the namesake for the gift.

We encourage you to think of the Botanical Gardens as a beautiful and permanent site for honoring and celebrating friends and family member’s lives and memories.

Larger memorials are available to include specific needs or specific areas on the concept plan for these 50 acres.  For example, the Rose Garden centerpiece is a Memorial Fountain to Mrs. Gloria Fisher, as is the fountain in the center of the pond for Doug Killingsworth’s memory. To discuss this level of unique bequest, please contact the Garden Office.

We invite you to join those who are making the vision of the Gardens a reality.

Call the DABG office at 334-793-3224.

Some previous gifts to the Gardens

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